Our Philosophy

What We Do?

Go Safe is more than a program,

it’s a philosophy and a way of life that aims to raise public awareness around the simple steps we can take in our everyday lives to make our roads safer. In addition to running our own projects, we also work in partnership with different public and private institutions, supporting initiatives that make roads, drivers, and vehicles safer.

We aim to create communities engaged in activities aimed at changing behaviours so toward a zero-road-accident reality.

How Giti GO Safe Started

The program started in Singapore in 2017 in collaboration with the Singapore Traffic Police to educate young students on the rules that safeguard their safety while they walk along roads. Singapore, like many developed countries, have established road rules, however, the awareness of the public, especially younger generations, can still be improved to further reduce car accident rates.

However, throughout the Asian region and around the world, there are various emerging economies with high numbers of lives lost each year in road accidents. This is due to the lack of education and infrastructure. These deaths have a negative impact on economic growth, slowing the progression of these countries.

Where We Work?

Go Safe develops and supports initiatives, with priority for underdeveloped or developing countries, where around more than 90% of traffic deaths worldwide occur.